AGM - Sedgemoor Gardens Club



Minutes of the AGM held in All Saints’ Hall

on Tuesday, 11th September, 2018



Club Officials: Sylvia Goodenough, Elaine Douglas, Jean White, Margaret Wheeler, Rosie Crilley, Laraine Hayes, David Geach (acting Chair).

Club Members: 22 other club members attended.


David Geach – in his capacity as acting chair, gave apologies for Peter Goodenough, who unfortunately was not able to join our AGM. 

He then went on to introduce the committee, and Marion Dale our speaker for this evenings talk.

Minutes of the 2017 AGM

The minutes of the 2017 AGM were read, agreed and signed by the acting chair as being  correct.

Proposer- Sylvia Goodenough. Seconded – Rosie Crilley. 

Matters arising

None were raised.

Chair Report

David Geach – Acting Chair – read the report in Peter’s absence.

In brief - Peter thanked the committee for all their hard work, with a special thanks to Rosie Crilley and Laraine Hayes who were both stepping down this year. Rosie was presented with a lovely Basket of flowers and Laraine was presented with a colourful Bouquet.

Thanks were given to members including John Andrew for arranging our outing to Mottisfont, and to Jenny and Tony Potts for all their help during the year and to Barbara Elliott for the catering.

Nominations to the committee are needed to cover some of the jobs for example Publicity, Monthly Competitions and Catering. Suggestions for next years coach trip would be welcomed, this should be an interesting place with a garden, within approximately 50 miles.

The constitution has been amended to reflect the new GDPR (Data Protection) rules.

In our January meeting our speaker is Nick Wray for the RHS who is giving a talk on Darwin and the Voyage of the Beagle, hopefully you will all be able to attend.

Your new name badges will be retained by the committee for your use at each monthly meeting.

See full report in section "Chairman's Report"


Show Secretary’s Report

This report was read by Sylvia Goodenough.

In brief – David was thanked for taking on the roll of chair and dealing with numerous tasks and helping out while Peter was unable to do so due to his illness.

The show was a great success with 198 entries being put on show. It was the best show in the area. Please remember to collect your daffodil bulbs tonight to nurture and hopefully exhibit in next year’s festival. Peter wants to encourage everyone to take part. 4 cups having been awarded to 1st time exhibitors this year.


Treasurer’s Report  

Elaine circulated copies of the accounts. We are currently £217.75 in credit. This year the daffodil festival and the outing to Mottisfont made a small profit. This was because we were given a larger coach for the original cost, so were able to sell more tickets.

This year we have increased the membership fee to £15.00 / £25.00 for a couple, visitors / guests £3.00 to help cover the rising expense of the hall, speakers, and insurance.

Elaine has been in this post for 9 years and has said this is to be her last year as treasurer and would willingly give training if a volunteer were to come forward.


Nominations of Club Committee Members

Chair                                      Peter Goodenough (Acting chair - David Geach)

Treasurer                               Elaine Douglas

Secretary                              Jean White

Website                                 Margaret Wheeler

Show Organiser                      Peter Goodenough (aided by David Geach)

Programme Organiser            Sylvia Goodenough

Catering Co-ordinator            Barbara Elliott  (non committee)

Garden/Brimsmore evening   Sylvia Goodenough

Annual Outing                       John Andrew   (non committee)

Monthly Meeting Entrance      Elaine Douglas

Membership card printing        Rosie Crilley

Festival Show programme printing    Rosie Crilley

Festival Plant Stall .................................

Christmas Buffet.......................................

Poster Production........................................


Committee members agreeing to continue are:

Dr Peter Goodenough

Sylvia Goodenough

Elaine Douglas

Jean White

Margaret Wheeler

2 members standing down from the committee - are Rosie Crilley and Laraine Hayes


New Committee Nominations-

David Geach - proposed by: Peter Goodenough seconded by: Sylvia Goodenough

Anne Geach - proposed by: Peter Goodenough seconded by: Sylvia Goodenough

Barbara Elliott – Proposed by: Margaret Wheeler Seconded by: Linda Dodimead

All of the above were duly elected to the committee.

Barbara is happy to be the catering co-ordinator on the committee.

The committee meet about 4 times a year.



David pointed out the sections which had been amended and the reasons why

Section 8b - removed – ‘signed by any two of the chairman, secretary, or treasurer’. Changed to – ‘signed by any two of the club’s authorised committee signatories’.

Section 8d – 'Auditor' changed to  'verifier'.

And a new section added – Section 11. 

This is to do with the information we hold on each member, why we have it, how long we keep it and what we use it for, this is in line with the new GDPR (data protection) rules.

Details as shown on membership form which is completed annually are names, home address, telephone number, email address. Members have until 31st December to pay their subscription, at which time their details are removed from our records.

The amendments were read and agreed and adopted.

Proposer – John Andrew,  seconded - Rosie Crilley


Presentation to Monthly Competition Winners:

Single Bloom- Jenny and Tony Potts Pot Plant- Laraine Hayes

Flower Class- Linda Biffen

Vegetables- Fiona and David Griffiths

Fruit- Jenny and Tony Potts

All of the above winners were awarded a gardening voucher.

Jenny and Tony Potts kindly donated one of their vouchers to be used as a raffle prize at the next monthly meeting.


Any Other Business:

A member asked about the pot size for the competition daffodil bulbs, John Andrew confirmed “a pot not exceeding 10 inches in diameter”.

Gina Beauchamp asked what the daffodils were this time. David explained they were ‘King Alfred’ an executive decision having been made as the other bulb choice flowered too late in the season.

It was asked for volunteers to help Barbara with the catering requirements for the tea/coffee at monthly meetings and for the Christmas buffet.


Marion Dale was introduced to give her talk on ‘Plants in the Right Place’

The AGM meeting closed at 8.07 pm.