Jeremy had some Camelias from his nursery for sale after his talk in November - some were still flowering!


 It was a very cold evening but All Saints Hall was a very comfortable venue to listen to a talk on “The Scented Garden” by Jeremy Wilson. Jeremy has been a Head Gardener on several large estates but he curently runs a Camelia nursery in Devon and gives talks to gardening clubs throughout the west country. He kept us enthralled by his beautiful photos of plants - though sadly a lack of “smellavision” meant we had to rely on his descriptions of their scent! He pointed out that the sense of smell is so important to us  - not least for the memories some scents conjour up; he is not alone in thinking of an elderly relative on smelling lavender or lily of the valley!

There are many reasons why plants develop scent - the most important of course being to attract pollinators, but he told us about some instances where plants use their scent as a warning signal - for instance, in Africa the acacia tree is grazed by giraffes, which can cause much damage to the trees. As their leaves are eaten the acacia trees give off a scent which drifts downwind and causes other trees in its’ path to secrete a bitter secretion which puts the giraffes off eating them.  Clever elephants, however, have overcome this by grazing in the opposite direction!

Jeremy brought a range of plants to sell at very reasonable prices after his talk and members left clutching their purchases - but not until after they has availed themselves of the refreshments on offer and checked out their entries in the monthly competitions.

Our December meeting, on 10th, is our Christmas buffet and Quiz evening. We are normally very happy for visitors to turn up at any of our meetings but on this occasion we would need warning and payment of £7 for a buffet ticket. Members too, who have not yet purchased a ticket need to contact David Geach, our treasurer, asap.   The quiz, organised by the Gardens Group Gold Club, is always great fun and the buffet sets one up for days to come - so if you would like to join us please ring 01458 250091 for more information.

Don't forget the Quiz and buffet on December 10th!

22. Nov, 2019

Remember your lucky ticket because it may win you a prize

14. Sep, 2019

Coleton Fishacre trip photos

We had a lovely day at this beautiful NT House and gardens in May. Click on the link to see photos

1. Oct, 2019

Minutes of 2019 AGM