8eport for the year September 2018 to September 2019                    



Chair Report


 Peter started his report by expressing our sadness at the death of our member, Richard Birchby, in May. His widow, Carol, was with us and he told her how all our thoughts were with her and how pleased he was to see her at the meeting.


The essence of any successful club is its’ members and their participation in club activities. During the year as well as competing in our friendly monthly competitions you took part in our anual Daffodil Festival in March, producing a spectacular display. Everyone contribued to a very successful day and we had 237 entries from about 25 members, making it one of our best years. As for our evening talks, the visit by Gavin Haig in November will be remembered by us for a long time. He is a very entertaining speaker with a wicked brother lurking in the background. In July some of us took him up on his invitation to visit his wildlife garden at Tiverton Hospital and he was as knowledgeable as we expected about how the smallest area can attract a lot of wildlife. As an aside I noticed that the nearby Morrisons had planted a lot of Indian bean trees (Catalpa bignonioides)in their car park and they were all in flower with large pannicles of flowers. It was spectacular and I have never seen these trees used this way in this country before, although they are common in Europe.


In May our coach trip was to Coleton Fishacre. This was a fascinating garden and one of the best National Trust properties I have been to. It was very liveable-in and the Doyle carte family were very clever in buying the land after seeing it from their yacht as they sailed past (as you do!) and then building such a wonderful house and estate. Opposite you can see some of what is to come this winter and it looks like a pretty good mix for the start of the third decade of the 21st century to me. Third decade already and I am still writing 1919 or 20 a lot of the time rather than 2019 or 2020 - where did those decades go! Anyway, I look forward to seeing you all at our meetings this season.