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These include the competition daffodils and some of the tulips Jean bought from Peter for the show. 

Sylvia & Peter's Crambe cordifolia and Iceberg rose

Laraine's garden

"We have small gardens at the front and rear of our bungalow in Curry Rivel.  When we moved in, the back garden was virtually a blank canvas, having been used as a football kick around area by three boys. It sloped from the house back to our boundary of a low 'decorative' concrete block wall with 20' leylandii trees behind. The trees and wall have gone and are replaced by a 6' high cream painted fence which continues along one side of the garden, the opposite side being our garage wall, also painted cream, this has created light, the illusion of a larger garden and a good backdrop to the planting. The old wall was upcycled for some of the raised beds and infilled with gravel for one of our paths.
  Our soil is clay, so because we inherited a lot of rubble, we dug 6' x 3' "grave-like" holes to get rid of it and to improve the drainage, it also allowed us to level the slope. This has worked well though at the time I was concerned that one of the holes might be for me! We also inherited a shed, it was a problem as to where it should be positioned. We moved it on wooden rollers to almost every part of the garden but eventually, for may years, it stayed in the back right-hand corner. It too was painted cream so it blended in really well. Then rats started to come in the garden from under the shed, a good hiding place. Last year we recycled the shed to a good home where it has been re-erected and it will do many more years service. The garden seems a lot bigger and we now have a nice deck area with benches to sit on.
  We have a patio area, a lawn with stepping stones, we've created paths, raised flower beds, an arbour, trellis with support posts and rail for a hammock, as well as the small deck area. These provide places for climbing roses, clematis, passion flowers and summer flowering jasmine; there are herbs, spring bulbs, hellebores, foxgloves, ferns, grasses, lavender, agapanthus, buddleja, japanese anemones, plus one ginkgo biloba tree and twenty japanese acers all in pots, to name but a few. I love my little oasis of a garden. Laraine"

Margaret's garden

In May 2014 we moved to our new home, in Lower Wiltown, with its garden more geared to the accommodation of one dog, several hens, large and small shrubs and a lawn. Low maintenance. Over the next two years we turned the emphasis around and created a flower garden. The turf was removed and digging began, exposing much dressed blue lias stone which Peter put to good use in building 2 troughs. Our generous neighbours spent that first summer helping in many ways and supplying us with plants. The aim was to "open" in June 2015. We did.. It's still a work in with most gardens. Great to be retired..