Minutes of the AGM held in All Saints Hall

On Tuesday 10th September 2019




Club Officials:  Peter Goodenough, Sylvia Goodenough, Elaine Douglas, Jean White, David Geach, Anne Geach, Barbara Elliott


Club Officials Apologies: Margaret Wheeler


Club Members:  25 other club members attended.


Introduction and Chairman's Report 


Peter Goodenough began by welcoming the members to our AGM. He then went onto give an overview of the years activities and plans for the coming year. He also passed the clubs condolences to Carol Birchby on the sad loss of her husband Richard, who was a member of the club.


Chairman's report in brief:-


Peter stated the essence of a successful club is its members and their participation. Members of the club have vigorously participated in the monthly competitions and our annual daffodil festival. He then gave an overview of the speakers we had through the year, which included the entertaining Gavin Haig and the talk on Darwin. He thanked Sylvia for finding these interesting speakers.

Peter then went on to point out committee members are elected for a term of 3 years, the chairman being from within the committee. The constitution states 9 committee members can  be elected, however, some duties can be done by a non-committee member if the member so  prefers. Elaine has now stepped down from the role of treasurer after 10 years, although she has agreed to continue on the committee. Peter thanked her for her hard work during this time and then thanked David, who has volunteered to take on the role of treasurer. Further thanks went to Margaret, who has done an excellent job of keeping our website up to date but has had to resign from the committee due to personal reasons. Peter stressed it is important for the club to have an on-line presence as this may attract new younger members. He then expressed his thanks to Barbara, who organised all the catering for the year, to all those who contributed to the Christmas Buffet and to Linda Dodimead for providing the excellent quiz. Further thanks went to Anne for stewarding the monthly competitions and to Jean, the club secretary, for keeping members informed and the committee in order. Peter’s final thanks went to John for organising our visit to Coleton Fishacre, which everyone found to be a very interesting National Trust garden and house.

He then explained that he, Elaine and Sylvia had all come to the end of their 3 year terms on the committee and, although they are all prepared to serve again, he asked members to consider joining the committee as there are two further vacancies.

Following on from this Peter mentioned the visit to Tiverton. He also briefly explained the problems of finding an alternative venue for our meetings, but said he has had assurances that two of the heaters in All Saints Hall will to be replaced in September 2019, so the situation will be reviewed but hopefully the hall will be warmer in the future.

He then finished by recapping on the current vacancies and the need for volunters to join the committee for a term of 3 years.


Minutes of the 2018 AGM


The minutes of the 2018 AGM were read, a spelling error was corrected, and the minutes were agreed and signed by the Chair as being correct.


Proposer- Linda Dodimead. Seconded – John Tipping


Matters Arising:


None were raised.


Treasurers Report


Elaine handed out copies of the verified treasurers report to members.

Elaine said she had enjoyed her time being the treasurer but was very happy to be handing over the duty to David Geach. She wished him well as the new treasurer.


Show Secretary Report:


This report was read by Peter Goodenough.


In brief –


Once again the Daffodil Festival was a spectacular display that continues to attract increasing numbers of members of the public. Everybody contributed to a successful day and there were 237 entries from about 25 members- one of our best years yet. In spite of spring being early, and bringing forward some daffodils,members still managed a good show of the clubs daffs. In light of later events, Peter was pleased that Carol and Richard swept the board to win the Cracknell Goblet. He went on to give his congratulations to all the cup winners, and mentioned the flower arrangements to commemorate Brexit.

From talking to the members of the public Peter said he had come to realise that people thought a daffodil festival would have daffodils/tulips to sell,whereas instead he had majored on annual plants.Therefore he had obtained 500 early Tulips and 250 daffodils, of 5 cultivars, which were available to members attending the AGM as dry bulbs at wholesale cost. The rest will be potted up to sell at the Festival, along with some other plants.

Peter thanked the catering team, as usual the food was marvellous, and it was a very very nice event of which all members could be proud.


Peter went on to say if any member required seeds, Browns were offering a 50% discount on orders of £100 minimum. Members should send their order to him and he will make a bulk order which he will distribute. Browns catalogue is available on-line.

John asked if it included seed potatoes / onion sets etc. – Peter said he would check but he thought it was only seeds. Brimsmore provides club members with money off vouchers for seed potatoes etc.


Programme Secretary’s Report


Sylvia pointed out speakers are getting more costly. This is partly because we are having to use speakers from further afield which results in higher travel costs. As the club has used the majority of our local speakers the need to look in a wider area has arisen. This then leads to a bigger expense.


In October we have Francis Burroughs speaking about ‘The Victorian Head Gardener’. Sylvia said Peter had suggested that members should dress the part but he was unaware that the outfit he thought he could wear was long since in a charity shop.


The speakers and events for the year ahead are as shown in the membership card for 2019- 2020.


Scheduled Changes in Committee


Margaret Wheeler resigned due to pressing personal reasons.

Peter, Sylvia and Elaine are at the end of their term but will serve again if required.

Barbara, David, Anne, and Jean to continue.

There are 5 vacancies on the committee


Nominees – John and Joan Tipping were happy to stand and were duly elected to the committee.


Club Duties for 2019/20:


Duties are-


Chair-                                               Peter was re-elected by the committee after the meeting

Treasurer –                                       David Geach

Secretary –                                       Jean White

Website -                                          Vacancy

Show Organiser-                              Peter Goodenough     

Programme Organiser-                     Vacancy

Catering Co-ordinator-                    Barbara Elliott        

Monthly Competition -                    Anne Geach

Annual Coach Trip-                         John Andrew          (non committee)


Presentation to Monthly Competition Winners:


Single Bloom-    Linda Dodimead          Pot Plant-      Linda Biffen

Flower Class-     Linda Dodimead          Vegetables-    Peter Goodenough


All of the above winners awarded a gardening voucher.


Any Other Business:


It was queried if the Gold Club were doing the catering for our Christmas Buffet Evening. They are only providing the entertainment i.e. the Quiz – not the buffet. The buffet will be the usual bring and share, catered by volunteers.


A member stated it was nice to see one of  the big new banners advertising the Daffodil Festiva, hanging on the railings opposite Tesco 

Peter said the publicity and advertising for both the club and the show need to be improved .  The new website organiser might be able to take this on as well.. 

Linda made an appeal for Heavens Gate – the local animal rescue centre-, which is under threat of closure.

 The AGM meeting closed at 8.00 pm and was followed by a talk and demonstration on grafting of apple trees by Mervyn Wilson and  David Geach.