Exbury Gardens & Steam Railway is now closed until further notice. The health and wellbeing of our staff and visitors is paramount and, like other major garden attractions, we believe this action is necessary to help restrict the spread of coronavirus. We will be in touch with anyone who has booked to visit or bought a ticket.

We aim to keep our gardens open ‘virtually’ via our social media channels, with regular photographs and video. You can follow these on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

But you can visit www.exbury.co.uk to see what we are missing and admire the beautiful gardens. Something to look forward to when our visit can be re-arranged...


Following the Government announcements yesterday, the decision has reluctantly been taken to cancel the Daffodil Festival on Saturday 21st March. A lot of planning and effort has been put in by Sylvia, Peter and others for the festival which is very much appreciated.

It has also been decided that the April members evening in the hall and the May coach trip to Exbury will have to be cancelled.

Sadly this means that it is unlikely that the Club will  meet again before September.

 In the light of these developments, our Chairman, Peter has suggested that members could  put photos or comments about what they are doing on the website to try and keep in touch over this long period of inactivity. 

Please send any contributions to Joan Tipping at joan@tipping.totalserve.co.uk 

 Finally, Sylvia and Peter have a large number of plants that they have grown for sale at the Festival which they wish to offer to members to purchase. Further details to follow.

 Enjoy your Spring and Summer gardening and looking forward to sharing the results on these pages.



At our March meeting we were treated to an enthusiastic talk by Sally Nex explaining how to be self-sufficient growing vegetables all year round. Her talk was packed with practical advice on how to keep a steady harvest of vegetables to pick every day of the year.

Sally is a well-known gardening expert, teacher and writer who began her interest in gardening with a small plot in London and has progressed to being able to provide vegetables for her whole family all year round on her one acre garden near Taunton.  Much of her success with vegetable growing she puts down to her meticulous planning of what to grow and when to sow it. She advised drawing a plan of our vegetable plot to scale and keeping a diary of progress. Successional sowing is of vital importance as well as sowing crops in short rows.

 Many recommendations were given for high-cropping, long-lasting vegetable varieties to grow throughout the year that no kitchen garden should be without. Her breadth of knowledge and ability to rattle off the names and varieties of a multitude of vegetables amazed us all. According to Sally, the biggest challenge faced by the year-round vegetable grower is the ‘Hungry Gap’ in early spring and again she suggested ways to overcome this period. Sally re-kindled our enthusiasm for trying new vegetable varieties and the belief that we could emulate her successful approach to vegetable growing in our own gardens.


14. Sep, 2019

Coleton Fishacre trip photos

We had a lovely day at this beautiful NT House and gardens in May. Click on the link to see photos

1. Oct, 2019

Minutes of 2019 AGM